Greenhouse Vegetable Consultants

"We have the Knowledge and Experience to Help you Grow."

Dear Ken,

I would like to express my heartfelt thank you to you and the entire GVC  team for your steadfast commitment and assistance to AgVets during its start-up phase.  We are a better company, because of your involvement.

GVC’s technical assistance, management advice and assistance in developing extensive pro-formas were particularly helpful to our company: 

Your technical services have helped us select the right crop varieties for our unique requirements, and in the future, I am confident that your technical expertise will help us to maximize yields and increase profits.  

Your management advice was also very helpful, allowing us to minimize risk to our business and do so in a difficult business environment.

Finally, your highly detailed pro-formas have proven to be key tools in our company and with investors.  They were critical elements in the development of our business plan, and they are used again and again to help the firm make important decisions.  The pro formas have also undergone a great amount of analysis by our investors. In one case, we even subjected one of the pro formas to a CPA level review.  It easily passed this tough test, gaining the confidence of the investors.

Thank you again for all that GVC has done and continues to do for our business.  You, Merle, Karin and Lou, have become an indispensable part of our corporate team.  We look forward to a long “partnership” with GVC.

~Michael A. Walker, U.S. Marine (Ret.) - Chief Executive Officer -  AgVets


I started with Greenhouse Vegetable Consultants one year ago and have been extremely satisfied! I knew we had a number of different issues (including irregular fruit set, botrytis and whiteflies) but did not know what the next step was to deal with them. 

Karin Tifft walked us through both a large whitefly flare-up and powdery mildew scare that would have brought down our greenhouse if it was not for her expertise. She made herself very available via Skype and Email and provided custom detailed instructions that proved to be spot on. I also appreciated her patience with me as I asked a lot of questions and repeatedly came back to double check what I was to do. 

Our 2012 season ended with no whiteflies or powdery mildew and a bottom line that was up 8%! I found their fee structure flexible and very reasonable and plan to use them for years to come. Greenhouse Vegetable Consultants are now key part to my company’s success!

~Darren Banek, Owner Mountain View Gardens, Kalispell, MT

Hi Karin,You give me right advice right time like IPM.  Your advice is always worthy to try!
~ Lee Ho, IPM Consultant in training, Koppert Korea