Do You Want Higher Yields?  

GVC will systematically evaluate the critical components of the specific growing strategy including nutrition, day length and light quality, quantity of irrigation, and temperature and humidity control then give you valuable advice.  Let our expert GVC team help determine the right variety for the specific climate and market.

Need Assistance With Crop Nutrition?  

Nutritional needs vary with variety, age, and climate.  The right way to collect nutrition data varies by crop, substrate, and irrigation method.  GVC can help optimize yields and quality.   The most expensive fertilizers may not be the best.  We will help each client determine how much of the various type of fertilizer to use.

Want to Reduce Energy Costs?  

GVC can guide each client on the proper temperature regime for the particular crop given the maturity and fruit load.

Are you Interested in Alternative Energy or Choosing the Right Energy Source when Designing Your Greenhouse? 

 GVC has two of the pioneers in alternative energy for greenhouses on our team!

Is the Flavor Disappointing?  

GVC can advise on how to improve the flavor of your tomatoes and other vegetables.

Need a Pro Forma for an Investor?  

Let GVC build a pro forma for the investors.  We can also help design or review budgets to assure you are on the right track.

Not sure how to manage pest and beneficial insects?  

GVC has an expert entomologist on staff to answer questions and design a scouting and monitoring program to fit individual client needs.  Ms. Tifft is an expert at Bio-IPM, using natural enemies (biological control) in an integrated system with cultural and chemical controls to keep pests under control and yields high. 

Do you have any crop disease concerns?   Our GVC team is very familiar with all the diseases of greenhouse vegetables and the best management techniques.   We can help reduce losses from the spread diseases. 

Interested in growing Certified, Pesticide Free Product? Customers are often willing to pay more for product that is free from pesticides.  A crop is healthier and yields more when pesticides are minimized as well.  Let our experienced GVC entomologist develop the right Bio-IPM program to fit your specific needs.

Brand & Identity Development
GVC can assist choosing right name, logo, packaging, key messages and visuals to own what is compelling about your offering. Essential to commanding a premium price for your product.

Consumer & Market Research
Demonstrate consumer acceptance of your product and its story to investors and buyers.

Marketing Planning
GVC can create a task-by-task strategic plan to deliver your revenue goals through your employees, facility, website, social media, publicity, paid trade or consumer advertising.

Website Development
GVC can create and design a digital front door to buyers that also serves as the hub of your online marketing efforts with content you can easily update.

Sales & Advertising Materials
Let GVC  supply the tools your sales team needs to close the deal. The marketing materials you need in the right format to grow your business.

Social Commerce
Learn the strategy and content to sell your products through social media.

Public relations builds credibility and awareness. Paid advertising makes sure the right people get your message.

Business Development
Have Stephanie Motz assist with strategic introductions and key account calls.

"We have the Knowledge and Experience to Help you Grow."

Services Offered

Greenhouse Vegetable Consultants