Our highly experienced team has over 120 years of combined experience in the greenhouse vegetable industry.  We have worked in a variety of climates over the globe - deserts, tropics, the Artic, even helping design programs for outer space!  We are experienced with all levels of greenhouse technology from modern, high-tech glass and polyethylene houses to basic shade structures as well as high and low tunnel outdoor growing.  Our clients include major agricultural firms, small family operations, American and foreign government projects, and community development programs.

GVC has assisted beginning growers in developing business plans and pro-forma's along with designing  the right greenhouse for their crop and growing conditions.  Partnering with some very large growers, GVC has helped add value to crops by improving taste, shelf life, and yields. Click here for a sample list of our current and previous clients. 

Interested in using alternate sources of energy for your heating needs?  GVC has two of the most experienced people in greenhouse alternative energy sourcing and implementation on our team!  

Need to establish or improve a pest monitoring or pollination program?  Interested in growing Certified Pesticide Free Products to increase value and profits?   GVC has one of the leaders in Integrated Pest and Disease Management strategies on our team!

With our combined experience and expertise, GVC's professional team can increase your bottom line. 

 Getting Started With GVC:

1. E-mail us at GVC or fill out the contact information on the Contact Page and tell us what  your goals are.      

2. We’ll put you in contact with the appropriate GVC consultant best suited to help you reach these goals.

3. Assessment: We will contact you directly and gather relevant information by phone and e-mail.  If requested, one of our consultants will visit you on site.

4. Implementation:  We will send you a written report with action points, guidelines, and a plan for implementation.

Fee Schedule:

1. By the Hour:  to address a specific need or question.

2. By the Project:  a flat fee which includes a detailed report and follow-up communication.  This plan includes the assistance from other GVC consultants as needed. 

3. Retainer Plan:  used to continually guide growers in their day-to-day questions such as adjusting fertilizer, climate, and pest and disease management questions.  Retainer plans can be contracted with just one member of GVC or for the team.   Fees vary depending on the services provided. 

                       GVC can get you the information and technology to match your growing requirements and objectives. 

                                  We'll communicate with you to fully understand your growing situation and expectations.

Greenhouse Vegetable Consultants

Getting Started

"We have the Knowledge and Experience to Help you Grow."