Need assistance  choosing the correct greenhouse for your location?

Want to reduce energy cost?

Are you interested in alternative energy?

Do you want higher yields? 

​Need assistance with crop nutrition?

​​Is the flavor disappointing? 

Need help managing pest and disease?

Do you have a marketing plan?

Want help writing a business plan or pro-forma.

Need an assessment of existing greenhouse facility for investors.

We service all types of growers, owners, investors, inventors, and those considering greenhouse growing and hydroponics.

Our four person consulting team has over 120 years’ experience in designing greenhouse structures, environmental controls,                 optimizing fertilizer mixes, business plans, budgets, marketing, labor management, pest and disease control. 

Hydroponic greenhouse growing will become more common in the future as good farm land becomes more scarce, more people want to “buy local”, and customers demand high quality, pesticide-free food.

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